About the Department

The department of Physical Education is one among the faculties of ASD Degree College for Women (Autonomous). It has Been working under the supervision of the regular appointed qualified Physical Director, G.Pramila Rani for 5 years. Since its inception, the department has been providing training in sports, gamesand martial arts to students. With its discipline, infrastructure, efforts and dedication the department has gaines State Level recognition and accolades in different facets of the institution: NCC, Kabaddi, Athelitics, and Hand Ball.

                Physical Educatin is not deals with Physical Fitnes but also Mental nd Emotional Conditionsof the body. Presently, Yoga is the part of the Physical Education. Its Principleaim is to grant emotional composure along with the Physical Fitness.

                 Our department adopts holistic approach of Physical Education, which helps students to aware of the subject like healh, fitness and perfomance and inculcate Life Skills like Confidence, Self-Motivation and Readiness. The motto of PHYSICAL EDUCATION IS “PLAY HEALTHY, LIVE HELATHY” .Inculcates  Discipline in the campus. Prepares students for inter –colligate and inter –university  tournament ,state and National  events. The department provides regular training to students from 6.00 A.M to 8 A.M and 3 P.M to 6 P.M. Awards ,Medals and prizes to the players as a token of encouragement. Fee concessions are provided to the outstanding players. Sports kits are given to the outstanding team for the help of staff and management. Players are given specialized training