Exam Section

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Composition of Examination Cell

A.S. D. Governement Degree College for Women Examination Section is established in 2015, in which year the college has attained ‘Autonomous’ status. The Principal is the Chief Controller of Examinations. One of the senior faculty member is appointed as Controller of Examinations and he/she over sees the working of Examination Section. She/He is being assisted by one Assistant Controller of Examinations and two supporting staff members for the smooth conduction of examinations and other related work in the section.

The present Controller of Examinations is Ms.G.Sridevi, Lecturer in Physics

The Examination section looks after the work of conduction of examinations and announcement of results for the two semesters in the year. It is well equipped with computer systems and it has its own Question Paper printing mechanism. The prerequisite of the section –secrecy and confidentiality is well maintained by all the people working in this section.

Functions of the Examination Cell:

The Examination Cell is entrusted with the following functions.

  1. Notifying the schedule and dates of various stages connected with the examinations.(Academic Calendar of the year)
  2. Issue of notification of Examination Schedule and Fixation of the time table.
  3. Question paper setting as per the syllabi and model question papers decided by the Boards of Studies.
  4. Procurement of stationery, blank marks sheets, equipment and all the articles necessary for the conduction of examinations.
  5. Printing of question papers.
  6. Conduction of 2 mid Examinations in each Semester.
  7. Supply of Examination Applications to the candidates.
  8. Processing of Examination Applications and printing of Hall Tickets.
  9. Preparation of Semester wise nominal rolls.
  10. Supply of Answer Booklets and receiving written Answer Booklets.
  11. Code numbers generation and Decoding process.
  12. Preparation of Answer scripts (Removing the upper part of the sheet) for valuation.
  13. Undertaking valuation of Answer scripts, Scrutiny of Answer scripts.
  14. Entering the marks as per decode numbers.
  15. Verification of the marks as already entered.
  16. Announcement of results through website.
  17. Printing and release of Marks Memoranda Semester wise.
  18. Re-totaling and revaluation of answer scripts.
  19. Preparation of Consolidated Grades Memoranda cum Provisional Pass Certificates for submitting to the University.
  20. Submission of all data to the University for the Award of Original Degree by the affiliating University.
  21. Celebration of Graduation Day to awarding Original Degrees.
  22. Maintenance of Tabulated Marks Register (TR’s) and Degree Registers.
  23. Maintenance of Cash Book and accounts of the Examination Cell.