Institutional Action Plan

Long Term Plans

  1. Achieve the status of College with Potential for Excellence(CPE)
  2. Student exchange programmes
  3. Develop more Industry –Academia linkages
  4. Establish Women’s Studies Center
  5. Introduction of  PG Courses in Sciences
  6. Infrastructure Development- New building for library bolck

            Additional Class rooms

            PG block

            Physical Education


            Conference Hall

            Research Center


                                          Short Term Plans

  1. Strengthening the Examination Cell
  2. Introducing more market-Oriented Courses
  3. Submission of more MRPs proposals to the avrious funding agencies
  4. More online courses by staff and student
  5. Planning specialized trainings for teachers both to improve their technical expertise and to equip them with the latest developments in the subject
  6. Capacity Building trainings for faculty. Skill Development trainings/Programs to students for self sustenance/Employment